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07 Jan

Say My Name Bitch!

So I have a whole story (from consecutive dreams) all rolled out, but not written down. I know the start and the end, but I’ve since lost part of the middle. In particular, I have a female character who used to be important and she stopped being so – now I no longer know why […]

19 Apr

Vampires need heart

So we were playing Champions of Norrath last night and when Mormaz pulled out his heart, I immediately thought that the vampires could be searching for their hearts. This doesn’t dovetail too well with a stake, ala Anita in Obsidian Butterfly. Anyway, I could spin this as in heart == love, but I’m not sure […]

13 Apr

Why the vampire interest?

My son saw Twilight and hated all of the teen angst. The Monster is 12, wants to be scared, but doesn’t want kissing. He has been playing Morrowind and has been toying with being a werewolf and vampire in it. So he finally asked me to find age appropriate books for him and by the […]

12 Apr

5 songs for hell

You’ve died and you are going to hell. You have no idea why or what it is like. A lady pops in front of you (this is actually the genesis of the character for Vampire face) and you hear a voice state: “You have 5 minutes to decide on the 5 songs you will hear […]

12 Apr

Space vampire

Hmm, I remember when Atlas Comics hit the scene – I really liked their Planet of Vampires. But I seem to recall an even shorter lived comic in which the astronauts were just orbiting the Earth. Okay, I’m fixating on that and not the scratch. A shuttle is returning from a mission. As it lands, […]

12 Apr

Vampire face

So I have an image in my mind of an ethereal woman – her hair must be long and blonde. I can see it now, whipping about her face. Her distingushing characteristic is that she lacks a mouth – which being a vampire, would seem like an evolutionary deadend. Her tounge must lash out, a […]

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