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29 Nov

Theme of vampires who don’t regret losing their humanity

One of the themes I see in vampire fiction is the stalwart hero who has to come to grips with the blood lust once they get infected. I.e., they fight against the cannabalistic prejudice in our society. Did I just imply cannibalism is a good thing? ;> After all, if the hero enjoys killing and […]

29 Nov

Added a very simple style sheet

I learned enough about style sheets to update the stories. I also remembered that my visual layout skills leave a bit to be desired. If I stay with simple schemes, I’m okay. I.e., check out Cached copy of USC. I’m pretty happy with how that came out. It didn’t have a style sheet, which would […]

29 Nov

Wrote a perl script to generate page size chunks of story

I wrote a perl script to take a raw text file and convert it to a story with pages which are 66 lines each. I’d link the script in here, but if it is a .pl, browsers barf. Okay, here it is Very scary and needs to be made safe. You can check out […]

28 Nov

About this blog

I like to write. I just don’t keep at it. I tried collecting some of my stuff over at Serialized Science Fiction, which is my work blog. I just didn’t follow up on it. So, I’m going to try again here. The intent is to keep a story, the set of changes that go on […]

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