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07 Jan

Say My Name Bitch!

So I have a whole story (from consecutive dreams) all rolled out, but not written down. I know the start and the end, but I’ve since lost part of the middle. In particular, I have a female character who used to be important and she stopped being so – now I no longer know why […]

07 Jan

Wanting to write again…

I’m tried of spinning the same wheel and expecting different results. So I was thinking of either doing The Nanovampire or my Say My Name Bitch story (more later), and I just reread On The Run and wanted to visit it again. And then I found both Jenny and Sam. No clue where to go! By the way, […]

12 Oct

A revisit

I really need to use character names before someone with that name walks into my life. Well, at least  I have a timestamp to prove I was using it first. :-> Anyway, d’oh, Sam can communicate with Max when he is in wolf form. Perhaps she has to come to grips with her fears and […]

17 Nov

A new start, but with Sam

The voice sounds right in the prologue, but once the action starts, it is purely descriptive. I felt bogged down, like I was making her the perfect character. I want her shy in public, but boisterous in private. In public, she is overwhelmed by the pressures of everyone’s expectations. In private, she has anchors in […]

17 Nov

Start of story from bus stop

I felt good about this until I realized it was inner dialog, i.e., me talking… “Hey doggie, what’s the matter? Dad drunk again? Or did your mother finally come home?” shouted the small gang of teenagers. They were lead by Bobby Teals, once we had been friends, then kindergarten arrived. He was a couple of […]

15 Nov

Some thoughts on Sam

So, Sam wasn’t in the first sketch. I needed another character, a best friend. I thought about Clarissa Explains it All and her best friend Sam. I wanted to do the same thing, but flipping the gender of the characters. I also decided that Sam would gain powers in the house, when she crossed a […]

15 Nov

Added original sketch

I just added the link for the Original Sketch of A wolf and his boy. I noticed a couple of things, first of all I first did it in 2000, which makes more sense. Back then it wouldn’t have been horror I was writing for my son, but mystery and adventure. I also want to […]

14 Nov

Basic plot of book 1, minus the middle

Max – our hero, a werewolf puppy Sam – his best friend and a budding witch The new high school football coach – the arch enemy Kids from our world gain powers as they got past the third level of Max’s house. Actually, the river that he wasn’t supposed to cross. Here is the first […]

14 Nov

I have a new story coming along

I’ve got a short 2 pager from 3-4 years ago that sets up the backstory of a werewolf coming to age. It really started as something for my son and it was supposed to be about a magical house – one that would take you to hidden realms. I was never able to push that […]

13 Apr

Fledgling and Saltation

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller produced two excellent examples of Serialized Science Fiction and look to turn a buck on it. A huge difference between them and myself is that they are scarred veterans of the publishing world. :-> Anyway, here are some links to the examples: Fledgling …the story of Theo Waitley and how […]

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