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03 Apr

Home, home on the range

Another historical influence that can be applied would be the Range Wars. The cattle barons and their drivers (cowboys), thought they too had a perfect trade system going on. The cattle were self replenishing and both feeding and watering them was free on the open ranges. In a broad sweep, we can say that barbed […]

03 Apr

3rd pass through Jenny’s War

I’m starting to get a sense for Abby Brill. (No idea where the name Abby came from, but the Brill is from Super DJ Dmitri aka Dmitri Brill. “Groove is In the Heart” happened to be playing and Kirby was too American.) She was supposed to die, but now I’m not too sure. I focused […]

01 Apr

Final word on Spacer Economics

The fallacies about the Spacer ACC turning directly into Clan traders are: Time loss (on the order of years) 10,000 crew is a town or small-city Manufacturing, not trading Distilleries are still a cool idea Manufacturing product while traveling? I think I mentioned it before, but the ACC at first have to be explorers and […]

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