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14 Nov

I have a new story coming along

I’ve got a short 2 pager from 3-4 years ago that sets up the backstory of a werewolf coming to age. It really started as something for my son and it was supposed to be about a magical house – one that would take you to hidden realms. I was never able to push that […]

04 Dec

Best Blackened Chicken Sandwich

The best blackened chicken sandwich I have had in Tulsa was at a place which was called The Blue Rose cafe. It was on 34th and Peoria. (It was actually the place my wife and I went on our first date.) It is closed down, but the current restaurant there seems to have much of […]

01 Dec

Desi Wok

We were out shopping tonight and were going to buy an entertainment center. Well, I was hungry, the store closed at 7:30 and I realized that we had to eat first because the box would be in the back of the truck. We were over at 41st and Sheridan, so my wife suggested we go […]

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