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15 Nov

Really great description to creating a Martial Technique

14 Nov

The Duck

So, I have a Blackduck rubber duck by my work computer. I’m pretty sure this is where The Duck originated. That whole in the void chapter just flowed out. Anyway, Rubber Duck Programming

14 Nov

I just realized Chapter 12 could be a surprise ending

As a I wrote the last sentence of Chapter 12, I realized both that the story could easily end there and if it did, then the alternate title I provided at the start was foreshadowing. And as we all know from Bloom County, foreshadowing is a sign of quality literature!

13 Nov

Why I like Wuxia

Really, it is Serialized Fiction and then because the paragraphs are short and choppy. I understand it to be more poetic in Chinese, but it comes across in English as a comic book in words. You can almost always pick a random chapter and just start reading. It is the same formula almost all of […]

13 Nov

Started Strange Origins

I’ve started a Wuxia, called Strange Origins. It is one of 4 or 5 that I recently started, but I’ve gone much further with this one! I’ve gotten stuck several times on dialog flow (my arch-nemesis), but I’ve gotten past that by admitting this story is for me and I’ll make things flow the way […]

13 Nov

Wuxia is wow

I’ve been reading translated Chinese Wuxia and it very much reminds me of the intent here. Some links:

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