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20 Mar

Starting to use a Mac

I’ve decided to start using my MacBook Air to do all of my writing. It goes with me wherever I go and it has shells for me to run my perl scripts, to scp my stuff upto Serialized Science Fiction, etc. I probably will use it differently than most people attempting to write would if […]

29 Nov

Added a very simple style sheet

I learned enough about style sheets to update the stories. I also remembered that my visual layout skills leave a bit to be desired. If I stay with simple schemes, I’m okay. I.e., check out Cached copy of USC. I’m pretty happy with how that came out. It didn’t have a style sheet, which would […]

29 Nov

Wrote a perl script to generate page size chunks of story

I wrote a perl script to take a raw text file and convert it to a story with pages which are 66 lines each. I’d link the script in here, but if it is a .pl, browsers barf. Okay, here it is Very scary and needs to be made safe. You can check out […]

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