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03 Apr

3rd pass through Jenny’s War

I’m starting to get a sense for Abby Brill. (No idea where the name Abby came from, but the Brill is from Super DJ Dmitri aka Dmitri Brill. “Groove is In the Heart” happened to be playing and Kirby was too American.) She was supposed to die, but now I’m not too sure. I focused […]

28 Mar

More on Spacer economics

The distance is what is eating me up. That and the fact that I’ve set up the ACCs to be self-sufficient. Say that the drive technology is lost to the Terrans (so they are limited to 0.25c) and the Spacers just do not have the infrastructure. Still no reason to trade – what would they […]

27 Mar

Why do the Spacers become Traders?

One thing that could be a factor would be to have the technology lost for making the engines for the Asteroid Ships. They know how to soup them up, but they don’t know how to make them. Or they don’t know how to make the machines to make them. The impact would be that the […]

26 Mar

Varied time dilation effects of the slingshot

One of the things floating back in my head is that while sub-FTL time dilation effects are well understood, perhaps the slingshot effects are not. Consider that you go in and come out in one of three states: Classic time dilation – ignore the fact that we can’t predict what would happen here. No dilation […]

26 Mar

Spacer population in 2114 is way off

Ignore how many Spacers there are before 2089. Once we reach it, 3,000 people are emigrating daily – which is 1 million a year. 25 years of emigration would put the population at least at 25 million. Which is still a drop in the bucket compared to 12 billion on the planet. Either something happens […]

26 Mar

Outline for Plague Exodus

2075 – In response to repeated accidents at research universities and laboratories, legislation is passed to severely curtail Earth based research. Fearing regulation even in space, companies start launching deep space research labs. Some of these are launched as survey ships to Alpha Centauri and Bernard’s Star. The crews range from 30 – 100 personnel. […]

25 Mar

Why aren’t women regulated to child bearing?

I want a matriarchal system for the Clans, which means that the needs of women in the workforce can not be overruled by their need to bear and rear children. In the Atares series by McCollum, Alta women did not serve in the Navy because during the frontier days, they needed to have 10 children […]

25 Mar

Some additional characters

I need two characters, brothers, who may be twins. I also want some diversity. I want them to be of Pakistani descent, but after 100 years in space, their families will be different. I.e., diversity does not mean stereotypical. I do want them to be Pashtun and to be descended from a strong Pashtunwali upbringing. […]

24 Mar

2nd pass through Jenny’s War

Okay, the new start of the story is better, information is conveyed as part of the story and not as a means to the end. But I quickly got more interested in the background events than in the dialog/action. I’ll need to start the 3rd pass soon…

24 Mar

This is DJ Zombie Queen on Radio Free Space

Jenny starts a pirate radio station before she ships out on The Voodoo Lounge. She broadcasts to Station 5 and down the corridor. When the Spacer ship starts its journey, she continues her show on the road – some tag lines: “Beaming in from the Stars” “Enjoy the slow ride” “The view is worth the […]

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