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13 Nov

Why I like Wuxia

Really, it is Serialized Fiction and then because the paragraphs are short and choppy. I understand it to be more poetic in Chinese, but it comes across in English as a comic book in words.

You can almost always pick a random chapter and just start reading. It is the same formula almost all of the time. Man can not fight Enemy, man gets better, Enemy is no longer a match. Rinse, lather, repeat.

But you get that same sense of wonder as a comic book, “Look Captain America is fighting the Red Skull! I wonder who will win?” No, there isn’t any real wonder, not the first time you read and not the 200th time.

But what there is in that repetitive story is a warm cocoon of safety. The good guy wins. He might appear to lose, but by the end of the story arc, he has won.

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