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07 Jan

Say My Name Bitch!

So I have a whole story (from consecutive dreams) all rolled out, but not written down. I know the start and the end, but I’ve since lost part of the middle. In particular, I have a female character who used to be important and she stopped being so – now I no longer know why and I’m not sure if I want her?

I.e., is the protagonist supposed to always love the same character? I’m not talking changing interests like a soap opera? I’m talking maybe like Luke and Leia, with Leia eventually going to Han.

Perhaps that is my answer…

Anyway, quick overview:

  1. Scene 1: A summoning circle
    1. Daemon gets summoned
      1. Say my name bitch!
      2. Sacrifice something
        1. Odin and his eye
        2. Lent for a mass summoning
        3. New Year’s resolution to build it up
    2. It is a trap for the summoner
      1. Her master isn’t sure which daemon will show up
      2. She is the sacrifice
      3. Larger summoning circle around her
    3. Daemon does not want to kill the summoner
      1. Do we let the summoner know why?
      2. Reveal it in the scene where the Agent is trying to arrest the daemon
      3. Does he kill the master?
    4. Daemon walks away.
  2. Scene 2: A dance party in a college town
    1. Agent walks up to daemon, asks for a dance
    2. Daemon is working multiple jobs
      1. Doesn’t sleep
      2. Doesn’t eat
      3. Just saves the money
        1. No rent
        2. Clothes just appear
      4. Does he have a fake ID?
    3. Agent reveals he is surrounded and they are going to banish him
    4. For another couple of dances, he offers to go peacefully
  3. Scene 3: An interrogation cell
    1. 1 way mirror – Agent and her boss are watching the daemon
    2. Daemon knocks on the mirror, needs to get to his next job soon
    3. Banishment is tried and fails
      1. Gotta say my name bitch
      2. They try with the name that summoned him
        1. Fails miserably
    4. They summon a guardian angel
      1. It tries a general banishment
        1. It fails
        2. Name fails as well
    5. Banishment only works on daemons who have done evil
      1. Daemon claims to be reformed

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