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17 Nov

A new start, but with Sam

The voice sounds right in the prologue, but once the action starts, it is purely descriptive. I felt bogged down, like I was making her the perfect character. I want her shy in public, but boisterous in private. In public, she is overwhelmed by the pressures of everyone’s expectations. In private, she has anchors in Ginger and Max.

If there was any magic left in the world, there would have to be some in Tulsa. So to prove that there was any magic in the world, we would just need to scour Tulsa to find even the smallest spark. The hardiest of all magics was the wild form, so we wouldn’t waste our time looking for some which was safe and predictable. We would have to look for something dangerous, dangerous and cunning. For it would have to be well hidden to have survived the ages of reason and science.

As we survey life in Tulsa, we might eventually find a drab little house with its own drab little family. Life is hard for that family, the Parkers. The mister and missus work hard to provide for their daughter. They are proud people, but life has not been fortunate for them. A series of bad investments has wiped out their savings. That is their curse, they once had much more, but now they have to make do with broken dreams.

And life is doubly hard for Sam, their only child. For she is more than pretty beyond her years, she is intelligent. She can see beyond the surface beauty. That statement sounds so innocent, but it harbors a deeper secret – one that will be revealed in time.

While Sam is interesting, she is not the evidence we need to know that the wild magic yet lives. But she has a certain air about her, a taint if you will. One would expect a child of that drab family to be beat down, introspective, unaware of her impact on the world. Yet, she has a wild streak to her, perhaps one stroked by wild magic. So we will follow her for a bit, to see where she leads us.

Sam Parker was as usual huddled into a book and her escape from reality was itself a form of magic. She yearned for adventure and the local libraries provided a safe outlet. Unlike her classmates, she didn’t have a Playstation to provide relief. Some might mistakenly call her a bookworm, but at 13 she was still more of a tomboy. She kept two personalities ready for all occasions. When she had to deal with people, she was the bookworm. When she got to be with her friends, she was still the tomboy.

The bookworm kept others at bay and the tomboy kept her friends close to heart. Unfortunately for the rest of her world, her circle of friends consisted of Ginger, her cat, and Max, the boy down the street. If the teachers at school had met Ginger, they might have held out hope for Sam. But as they just knew Max, they despaired  of her ever coming out of her shell. Her cross country coach, Miss Winders, held the most hope for her, she had watched Sam blossom from a gangly preteen who was all legs to an attractive teenager.

But Miss Winders knew that Sam only came to practice and meets because Max liked to run and Sam wanted to protect him.

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