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15 Nov

Some thoughts on Sam

So, Sam wasn’t in the first sketch. I needed another character, a best friend. I thought about Clarissa Explains it All and her best friend Sam. I wanted to do the same thing, but flipping the gender of the characters.

I also decided that Sam would gain powers in the house, when she crossed a certain point. I’m thinking that all humans might, that might be a good way to get Max’s collar off of him. So she was going to be a witch. Which is kinda funny in that Mellissa Joan Hart went on to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It is funny because I didn’t make the connection until I sat down to write this entry.

But what also grew out of the new sketch is that Sam has mental powers, she can skim the surface thoughts of other people. I want to make this talent be one of the reasons she hangs around Max – the collar keeps her from seeing as deep into him as the others. She can see what other people want and as she starts to mature, it creeps her out. Normally she would bury her head in a book, because it allows her to focus.

Hmm, I just thought that perhaps in the house, her power is off. So she and Max go on adventures and she gets to be normal. She craves being shut off. That makes it all the more powerful when Max loses the collar and transforms. She can only hear him. And she shuts down.

Right now I’m more willing to lose the witch effect than the mental powers. I mean, losing your best friend because you nearly killed her with your animalistic thoughts has to be great teen angst!

I’m also starting to think that what could bring them back together is that she gets blinded and needs to use his eyes to get around. Why him? No clue. Perhaps it is easier when he has the collar on?

But I want her to develop as a witch so that the story can come out of the house and into the high schools. I’ll have to think on it some more.

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