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29 Nov

Theme of vampires who don’t regret losing their humanity

One of the themes I see in vampire fiction is the stalwart hero who has to come to grips with the blood lust once they get infected. I.e., they fight against the cannabalistic prejudice in our society. Did I just imply cannibalism is a good thing? ;>

After all, if the hero enjoys killing and feasting on his fellow humans, well, he isn’t very much of a hero, is he?

Or consider the vampire who struggles to regain his humanity – Nick Night and to a lesser extent Blade. While Blade accepts his state, he still, like Nick, sucks on a blood bag. Consuming donated blood from a bank is so much more elegant.

With The Nanovampire and also Batter Up, I wanted to explore humans who didn’t have the same moralistic views as most of society. Logan, and Vaughn Ryan, have different reasons for not caring about killing, but when they get turned into their versions of vampires, well, they don’t hunger at all.

Logan doesn’t want to change his lifestyle and Vaughn can’t go back to being normal. With Logan, the decision is firm, but with Vaughn, his future is much less certain.

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