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29 Nov

Added a very simple style sheet

I learned enough about style sheets to update the stories.

I also remembered that my visual layout skills leave a bit to be desired. If I stay with simple schemes, I’m okay. I.e., check out Cached copy of USC. I’m pretty happy with how that came out. It didn’t have a style sheet, which would have really made things easy, but I had some nice perl scripts to keep it simple and readily viewable on most browsers.

Oh yeah, and I learned that what is easy for me to maintain, i.e., flat files and scripts, is a major pain for anyone else. ;>

So I went with a simple terminal look and feel. I’m sure I’ll change it by tonight – I might be better going for the look of paper. I wanted the green on black to invoke the image of reading the stories on usenet and a vt100 terminal.

But I still want to snaze up the page titles, possibly in a separate box. I’d like the page controls to be a little bit more modern and include links to the main story page and this blog. (That last part I can easily tweak with my script and html.)

And I want to add left and right boxes. I want to be able to drop advertising links into these. I don’t know that I ever expect to get advertising, but that is a design goal I’ve had in mind from the start.

PS: A very simple resource for understanding style sheets is at Dave Raggett’s Introduction to CSS.

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