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07 Jan

Wanting to write again…

I’m tried of spinning the same wheel and expecting different results.

So I was thinking of either doing The Nanovampire or my Say My Name Bitch story (more later), and I just reread On The Run and wanted to visit it again. And then I found both Jenny and Sam. No clue where to go!

By the way, I read what is basically Paranormal Romance all of the time. There I said it, I didn’t say Fantasy or Science Fiction. Also, in the ones I like, the protagonist is female. I’ve come to realize what I like is that the characters are almost always flawed and go through growth. Granted, most of it is towards some guys, but still, they are not as super heroic, i.e., flat.

An author who generally showcases flawed characters (mostly with the same flaw – lack of confidence) is PS Power.

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