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15 Nov

Added original sketch

I just added the link for the Original Sketch of A wolf and his boy. I noticed a couple of things, first of all I first did it in 2000, which makes more sense. Back then it wouldn’t have been horror I was writing for my son, but mystery and adventure. I also want to say this would have been before I started reading Harry Potter. I.e., when I read the part about the rooms changing, I thought about Hogwarts.

The other observation is that in his puppy form, he has the collar on. I really want the collar to be on for the human form, how can he explain it at school? How does his father come to a principal of an elementary school and explain why his son needs to wear a collar?

I could either say that it flips between when he is in the house and when he is out of the house, but I was leaning towards Max not knowing what would happen when the collar came off. I also want to play on his friendship with Sam – if he knew what would happen or had done it before, then we wouldn’t get that shock value I want for the ending of the book.

No, either something happened between the capture of his mother or I need to retcon the whole thing. She takes the collar off the boy, he turns into the puppy, and he runs off with it in his mouth.

I also think he has to have forgotten that he can turn into a wolf puppy. I really liked his practicing in the fields inside the house, but that isn’t going to fly with this being more about horror. I really want him and Sam to be tight, this is something he would have told her about, showed her, etc. Or she would have picked it up from his thoughts.

The other point is that the collar must not come off if he doesn’t want it to. I.e., a principal can try to remove it, but can’t get it off. Cue a scene where a principal is about to cut it off with bolt cutters only to realize at the last minute what would happen if she slipped.

The other thing I think funny is that I needed a name for his elementary school, so I decided on Grimsby. I think solely because it sounded well, grim. It was two seconds later that I realized it started with a ‘Gr’ ¬†and so did the school my son went to. :->

But, here is the strange part, it was mentioned today on the Fox Soccer Channel on a piece about the FA cup. They had beaten some higher league team in the first round.

And then my son and I were playing Resistance – Fall of Man, guess where we were before we went to Manchester? Right Grimbsy.

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