Behind The Scenes

14 Nov

Basic plot of book 1, minus the middle

Max – our hero, a werewolf puppy
Sam – his best friend and a budding witch
The new high school football coach – the arch enemy

Kids from our world gain powers as they got past the third level of Max’s house. Actually, the river that he wasn’t supposed to cross.

Here is the first story:
Sam goes on vacation with Max in the house, she sends postcards home. How?

When Sam gets her powers, Max takes off his collar in order to fight. (This is the ending of book 1). Sam gets overwhelmed by Max’s thoughts. She ends up in a coma? The real ending is him carrying her to the ER and having to confront her parents. They think he got her drunk, that he is like his dad.

Perhaps the second book has her awake and afraid of Max. He is waiting at the bus stop to go to school and he is alone.

At some point, Sam goes blind and uses Max as her eyes. ???

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