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13 Apr

On the Run

Okay, the young adult work is going to be called On the Run – and I don’t have a clue where the title came from…

Oh, I know I have Gordie running from the others, but I just realized as I was typing a character sketch on Virgina Grieves – First Character Sketch that the story would be called On the Run.

I don’t know where the surname ‘Grieves’ came from, it just flowed from my fingers. My intent on this sketch was not to develop a character, but to set the stage for the violence of a vampire attack. And to appeal to teens, I made the victim be a teacher.

But as I started to fill in some blanks, I started to wonder if Virgina could be a main character. I don’t know in what capacity, although I’m starting to think as a mentor to Gordie.

I’m also starting to develop my notion of a vampire. I want them to be shapeshifters, and I’m going to make them be black cats. The origins of bad luck to cross the path of a black cat? I don’t know.

I also want the missing mouth to be a characteristic in their hunting form. I.e., a vampire with a mouth you can see is a safe vampire…

Just a piece of administrivia, the page for Virgina Grieves – First Character Sketch is set – I won’t be changing it directly. You might see a second character sketch, or a first page of the story, depending on where I take the story. But I want to try and develop the ‘Serialized‘ aspect of the site.

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