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13 Apr

Gordie Riker

Gordie Riker is a vampire who was turned in his teenage years.

He is from Chicago, white, and grew up on the Blues Shouters of that era. He likes the Internet because he can easily get his hands on music at places like Pandora, i.e., his music collection is portable. Currently he is listening to Paul Bascomb’s Mumbles’ Blues on the Wynonie Harris Radio seed. He doesn’t maintain his own account – lack of money and he doesn’t want to be tracked.

He is on the run from the older vampires.

I just realized I will have to change his name! I picked Gordie because I wanted something vaguely Scottish and off the beaten track. I picked Riker because I had been thinking of a strong name, and Ryker’s Island sounds tough. I was thinking of a character who the island was named after (totally ignoring the real origin of the jail). And it was just know that I realized I combined two Star Trek TNG character names. :->

Hmm, I’m going to stick with Gordie – I totally have a different image in my mind than LeVar Burton. So I’ll need a new last name.

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