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12 Apr

Space vampire

Hmm, I remember when Atlas Comics hit the scene – I really liked their Planet of Vampires. But I seem to recall an even shorter lived comic in which the astronauts were just orbiting the Earth.

Okay, I’m fixating on that and not the scratch.

A shuttle is returning from a mission. As it lands, it is buffeted unmercifully. Upon examination, a web cocoon is found attached to the underbelly. (Think Spiderman sized web lines.)

A guard is stationed (why? why not) and that night the guard is found, his neck snapped and his blood drained. Hmm, how would CSI solve this case? :->

BTW – guard is one of those words whose spelling confuses me. ‘au’ appears more natural to me and it has for over 20 years. I can remember losing a bet on it with my English teacher in what, 11th grade. By the way, remember used to be in that category as well, but I’ve since learned to not only spell it correctly, but block out how I ever thought it was natural to spell it otherwise.

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